Black Mesa Devs test gibs, but where’s the game?

11134-mesacopy6dz_largeBlack Mesa, the recreation of the original Half-Life using the Source engine may not get out by the end of this year as they have promised, but that doesn’t stop devs teasing us with videos of vortigaunts and houndeyes under going gib tests; the best kind of testing.

Gibs range from tiny to large bloody chunks of meat that fly off your enemy, usually after an explosion if you aren’t familiar with the lingo. Gibs may be interesting to some, but where’s the game?

So, thumbs up on the gibs, but many of you must be thinking that Devs are tearing a page out of Valve’s playbook releasing a game every couple of years, with each one being excellent. No problem with that right? One gamer was more vocal about it.

Things got crazy when forum post popped up of one gamer insisting a Dev to come out and say, “Now we aim for Q1 2010.”

One Black Mesa Dev has already admitted their mistake of assuring their mod would be out by the end of year in which we find ourselves with nothing. Level Designer Spencer Rose had something else to say.

“Um…no. We’re not providing any more dates until we know we can hit a target, to avoid anything else like this from happening again…it will be finished when it’s finished, and it’s pretty close.”

The developers have already stated that they want the project done right and when it’s finished, it’s finished. Good thing for waiting fans who are pessimists and the opposite for those who want immediate satisfaction. Many forget this is a mod, a large scale one, but still a mod. The team is incredibly talented and most of the talent is doing this out of passion.

Until then Black Mesa is ready, enjoy the gibs. For more, visit the Black Mesa website.