New Black Mesa model renders

New Black Mesa model renders have come out of the wood works including a Xen Controller, Scientist, Guard, and a Grunt with armor. A working build of the Black Mesa mod is also rumored to be in the hands of Australia’s Power Play PC Magazine along with their mod featured on the cover. Looking good there Black Mesa artists, looking good.

Black Mesa is a total conversion mod of the original Half-Life game using the capabilities of the Half-Life 2 Source engine. Developers intend to recreate the original from the ground up and will offer Black Mesa FREE of charge to owners of Half-Life 2 when the game is ready.

The artist who did these renders is Ivan Vavilov. He is an artist specialising in 2d and 3d art. His career started in 2003 and since then he participated in different projects creating content for Russian, British, Polish and other game development companies. His site serves to show some of the work that reveals his skills in concept art, modeling and texturing. Please feel free to drop him a line in case you have any questions or suggestions. For more of Mr. Vavilov’s work visit his site.




Scientist (Large)