Gaming Mysteries: Metroid Prime Beta (GCN)

Metroid Prime was a fantastic game. It successfully brought the 2D game into a 3D FPS style game. It’s a game I love, and a game I get lost in frequently. But in it’s early beta stages the game would have actually been played from a different perspective. Something similar to Metroid Other M. So today on Gaming Mysteries I take a look at the Metroid Prime Beta.

  • Don Allen

    This game is such a waste of time if you like bad games. Retro was a fucking mess before Miyamoto came in and overturned some tea tables, so thank God that happened. Some of the best games ever resulted from it. Hopefully Donkey Kong Country Returns yields similar results. I still like the thought of Retro making a Donkey Kong FPS with a banana gun, though.

    • Andrew Fayette

      Hm…, I’m having a flashback to Donkey Kong 64 xD. I could have sworn that DK had a coconut gun that fired in spurts, and if he were to shoot ya, it would supposedly hurt.

      Bananas would be more fitting I suppose xD.

  • Andrew Espejo

    awesome look back at what it could have been!