How to play Skyrim main theme on piano

With the recently released Skyrim gameplay footage trailer, the main theme had a powerful effect on me. So, here’s how to play that theme on piano.

This piece was composed by Jeremy Soule, dubbed the “John Williams” of video game music. Soule composes for television as well as film. best known for his work in “The Elder Scrolls series, the Guild Wars series, and several other top-selling titles such as Total Annihilation, Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, and Harry Potter.”

As a proponent of video game music, selections of his pieces from Morrowind and Oblivion were played in the international concert series Play! A Video Game Symphony. Jeremy Soule attended the world-premiere of Play! on May 27, 2006 in Chicago.

Hopefully once Skyrim released later this year on Nov. 11, he’ll have his pieces performed again live with Tommy Tallarico and his on going Video Games Live concert series.

Thanks to MisterPenguinMusic for all his on going effort to show fans how to play the theme and impress themselves or others.

via [MisterPenguinMusic]

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