Bizarre Creations Staff Form Lucid Games

To no surprise, senior management personnel from now closed Bizarre Creations have gone on to form new UK-based studio Lucid Games

Former members of developer Bizarre Creations have announced the creation of a new game development studio, Lucid Games Ltd.  This comes one week after the doors were officially closed for the former studio.  With this new studio opening, it is expected that over fifty new jobs will be created which is good news for the UK games industry as more and more studios seem to shut down.

Formed by senior management and experienced industry professionals, the Lucid team has been responsible for creating pioneering products over the last 10 years across action, arcade and racing genres.  Past titles include Geometry Wars, the Project Gotham Racing series, and most recently Blur and James Bond 007: Blood Stone.

“With the great history of Bizarre behind us, we are proud to be part of Lucid and are committed to the UK game development community.  We plan to build a studio which encourages open communication with its partners, customers and other developers.”

- Pete Wallace, Managing Director

The studio is currently talking to several publishers regarding potential projects, and beginning the process of building a world class team of artists, designers and programmers to build innovative products.  There has been no mention whether or not Lucid is looking to be an independent developer or begin a partnership like they have in the past with Microsoft and Activision.

Steve Smith, Digital Industry Director at Liverpool Vision, the city’s economic development company, said: “Liverpool Vision has been keen to keep what is some of the best games talent in the global games market in Liverpool and from day one we have been very supportive of this initiative.

“This world class talent combined with a very credible and experienced management team, we believe offers the best future for a sustainable and viable business within the significant Liverpool gaming sector.”

“It should be stressed that Bizarre was very successful and Activision’s actions were driven by global economics and not by any failure of the creative talent based in Liverpool”.  A statement that a lot of us at CtrlAltKill completely agree with.

Mr. Wallace added:

“Our approach is to create for fun, quality and simplicity – it’s how our games make you feel that matters to us. We are committed to hiring character, hiring talent and training skill.  It’s not about qualifications or years in the industry, we are looking for creatives with a positive attitude and plenty of aptitude.  If you are interested in being a part of something new and feel you can meet or exceed the standards you have seen in our previous games then get in touch.”

Lucid Games will have a presence at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco between February 28 and March 3.  It will be interesting to see if Lucid plans to begin a new racing franchise or start off with something completely unexpected.  No matter, here’s to hoping for a fresh and successful start.  You can visit their official website at

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