Devil Will Cry: A Response to the Eurogamer Tameem Antoniades Interview

Last week Eurogamer posted an article featuring an interview with Tameem Antoniades, the co-founder of Ninja Theory.  The interview consisted of Antoniades trying to ease fan anger about the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot and to show his confidence in Ninja Theory’s take on the fan favorite franchise.  However, to many fans this interview is more reason to be angry about the reboot of the series.

The article opens with Antoniades claiming “we’ve got a plan and we’re not changing it” a simple, but arrogant statement that should instantly bring ire to those who do not want the radical changes to the Devil May Cry franchise.  The article is padded with quotes that focus upon the idea that this reboot will play and feel like the classic games in the series.  While Antoniades claims it will “feel like a proper Devil May Cry, when you have the controller in your hand”, the abundant flaws in the game leave skeptics questioning and irate fans raging.

Ninja Theory has made some dramatic changes to Devil May Cry with the new reboot.  This includes a new graphical design, a complete redesign of Dante, and gameplay that looks far less smooth than the previous titles.  In fact, the article contains a video that shows off the new combat in Devil May Cry which pales in comparison to the look of combat from Devil May Cry 4.  After a brief comparison of game footage can clearly show that this game does not stand up to the previous title.

This is compounded by the change in the frame rate from 60fps, the standard of the Devil May Cry series, to 30fps.  No matter what you do graphically the frame rate reduction will never look as smooth or polished when it is running at half the speed of the previous game.  No aesthetic design can ever make up for a lack in frame rate.  One of the excuses for the reduction in frame rate is to allow stages to transform as the game progresses.  This is not an excuse, it is a copout   Nothing looks smoother or better in a lower frame rate.  All the reduction in frame rate shows is the incompetence of Ninja Theory.

The claim that this game will be “Devil May Cry in essence” is not reassuring, as the same could be said of any game the copies the feel or style of the original Devil May Cry games.  In addition fans cannot feel good about the “dozens of meetings” about character design that have led to the drastic changes in Dante’s design and the poorly stylized design of the game.  No one was complaining about Dante’s design.  He is a beloved character and fans want him to look, play, and act just as he always has.

If fans were hoping to be reassured by this interview then they will be disappointed and this interview will only leave them even angrier.  Claiming that “the people who are skeptical secretly want to like it” shows how out of touch Antoniades is with the Devil May Cry fanbase.  No fan wants to endorse this game, while fans may try it as it is part of the series they love that does not mean that they want to like it.  Fans would not be upset with a remake, reboot, or prequel, but fans want that game to look and feel like a Devil May Cry game.  No matter what you do to a series, fans will eventually accept it, but only if the characters they love remain unchanged.

As there is no set release date, at this time, for Devil May Cry the fans can only hope that things will turn around for the game.  However, if the Eurogamer interview is any indication then this game will live up to the fan anger that has come with each trailer.

The original interview article can be found here:

  • heme

    new dante is like a new actor who want to the play dante… the game is average not good or bad and the story satire is good but that’s it…  oh and Vergis is an cliche aristtocracy PUSSY AND WUSSY

  • griptape

    The new Dante looks like a crack head from a Guy Ritchie Film. Hope that thing doesn’t gross one dime, don’t ever tell a consumer what like.Your not parliament. RIP/DMC <–boycott)

    Bayonetta & Ninja Gaiden Foe-eva 

    • Andrew Espejo


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  • Don Allen

    All I can say is be glad Bayonetta exists, as it’s a proper DMC successor created by the same man.