Mod Monday: Dead Island Fist of the North Star Download

As with most mods, you should read the readme file before installing. If you have no idea what this mod does, I implore you to watch this embedded video. As always, have fun. More on Fist of the North Star.


  • Extract this zip as-is into your Documents\DeadIsland\out folder. Meaning that this text file will be in the “out” folder.
  • Full path: “C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\Documents\DeadIsland\out” (Or My Documents on WinXP).
  • Ensure that “Data” is now a subfolder in the “out” folder. The contained files will be overriding the game’s files.


  • Unless you have other mods existing in the same folder you can simply delete the Data folder (and only the Data folder) from your Documents\out folder to restore your game. Well, and this readme.


  • These files will override the punch/kick strength, jump height, and strafe/move/sprint speed of the player.
  • They will also override ragdoll characteristics to counteract gravity.
  • Because the jump height is high enough to harm the player, I added strong health regen to each of the four characters in their respective blunt/sharp skills, this is strong enough to basically be cheating but will not keep you alive from a big fall. If you don’t want this, delete the individual skills files in Data\Skills but leave default_levels.xml.
  • Fall damage is nigh impossible to turn off, I tried.
  • Sorry but you’re not going to be getting any audio modifications with this, as of now there are no reliable tools to edit Dead Island’s sound banks. In the future if they are made, I will add that change.
  • IntroMovies.scr disables the startup movies of the game, it’s unrelated but was already in there.
  • This is optional and can be deleted without affecting the game, just a time saver.
  • May be outmoded by any patches that change these files.
  • Some of the contained files are named “.scr”, these are plaintext but windows believes they are screensavers, Double-clicking on them will not do you any favors.


  • This mod is not for use in multiplayer, and may not even work anyway, I haven’t tried.
  • DI VAC Ban information:


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