Mod Monday: Skyrim Mod Manager Open Beta Download

The goal of Skyrim Mod Manager is to make modding your PC version of Skyrim simple, clean, and fast. Why should you use this? Well, it makes things less complicated further down the road when hundreds of Skyrim mods start cropping up. Right now it may seem counter intuitive, but realize that if you don’t have perfect memory of which files you’ve changed, then you’ll end up having to reinstall Skyrim from scratch to get everything back to vanilla Skyrim.

Please keep in mind that this is in beta, but will be well supported by its creators.

“We cannot stress enough that we are still in the beta stage of NMM. NMM is in a very good state and will be usable by nearly everyone, but Beta stages are typically used for testing and bug fixing, and some of you will find bugs.”

“We are using a bug tracker system on our forums that allows you to post any bugs you might have with NMM. We cannot fix a bug if you do not report it! Using the tracker system is as intuitive as making a post on a forum, and you can login to it using your Nexus username and password.”

“We also have a beta test subforum that contains all the information you need to know to get started, report bugs and help us with development of NMM.”

“We don’t want to make you think that NMM is the solution to your problems getting 1,000 mods to all work together right now. It’s our aim to to reach that point and it’s what we’re working towards. However, even simple mods can be a complex business and trying to get many mods to all work together is something people in the community have been working hard to do since the start of this community. NMM is designed to make your life downloading, installing, updating and managing mods easier, but it will not currently be the wonder pill that will make all your conflicts and compatibility issues disappear. Load orders, conflicts and compatibility issues still exist with NMM at this time.”

“Mods may not work for a number of different reasons, and not all of them are the fault of NMM or the mod author who created the mod(s). Please remember this before you verbally abuse us, or the mod authors, for not being able to get your mods to work.”

“Having said that, development is ongoing with NMM to make these difficult aspects of modding as easy to overcome as is possible within the limits of the game. We are working hard to not only ensure these issues are mitigated as much as possible within NMM, but also to ensure our program is compatible with any other tools and utilities you might use at the moment to deal with them.”

Nexus Mod Manager – OPEN BETA - 0.12.7

[Download] via Skyrim Nexus


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