PC Demo: Afterfall: Insanity Download Out Now

As Don Allen would say, “What comes after fall? Winter? No! Insanity!”

Well, now you can try Afterfall: Insanity on PC right now and see for yourself how visceral it is. Nicolas Games has also announced a release date for Afterfall: Insanity being Nov. 25.

“Gamers who pre-order Afterfall will receive the soundtrack as a gift, regardless of whether we reach the ten million mark or not,” said Patryk Hamerlak of Nicolas Games. “This is our way to emphasize that market rules have changed. Additional content and add-ons to games used to be free but now they cost much more and those costs are continuously inching upward. We see an opportunity to help change the world, while also giving a quality game experience to players at a reasonable price.”

If you missed our preview check it out here. Music in the trailer seems pretty good.



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