Video: Oh Man… Harriers and Forklifts return in Battlefield 3 Gulf of Oman

Battlefield 2 veterans rejoice. We’re going back.

Well not right now, but amidst the festivities of the holidays next month when the first DLC expansion map pack goes free for all Battlefield 3: Limited Edition purchasers and the rest for $14.99. The three combat vehicles that they’re bringing back from Battlefield 2 in Back to Karkand are the STOVL fighter jet, desert buggy, and one of the APC’s.

“I wanted to complement what we already have in the base game, plus I wanted to bring back some of the classic vehicles from Battlefield 2 that we know players loved, such as the Short Take-Off/Vertical Landing fighter jet and the desert buggy. In today’s trailer, you can also get a first glimpse of a hitherto unannounced fourth vehicle bound to strike fear into the very hearts of the enemy. See if you can spot it!”, said Back to Karkand Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus.

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