GOG.com Winter Sales Guide: The Witcher 2 (PC) Cheapest Price

Steam ain’t the only digital distributor around. There is another… they’re actually called GOG.com. So far, it’s been my go to place for classic PC games. Inevitably, I’ll be spending money on both services, but it’s nice to see more companies in the holiday spirit for cheap ass gamers like me.

GOG.com will be having a sale for 50 percent off virtually all of their DRM-free titles starting December 12 12:00 GMT through January 2, 2012 ranging from publishers such as Interplay, EA, Ubisoft, Atari, Activision, Sierra, and more.

All sales start and end December 8 through January 2, 2012.

However, on the specific dates of December 8 at 12:00 GMT through December 10 at 11:58 GMT The Witcher 2 + The Witcher: Enhanced Edition will be “at its lowest price for the whole season” at $23.99 according to GOG.com.

GOG.com will also be giving away 400 game codes for random PC classics from December 10 until Sunday(the 11th)  on their website, twitter, facebook, etc. Not too sure about these giveaways, but start picking out games and comparing prices before all the holiday sales empty your digital wallets.


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