This Guy Is Truly Beta Testing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. What About Everyone Else?

At this point in time, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a long ways from being deemed worthy of competitive or recreational play from hardcore Counter-Strike 1.6 players. However, it’s really up to the professional and recreational players to put in their feedback to Valve and Hidden Path. There are so many details a casual Counter-Strike: Global Offensive “beta tester” might miss. Valve seems to be sticking to Valve time for GO’s release,  but that’s fine by me and others if it’s done right.

GO’s goal is to be a mix between 1.6 and Source, but in reality all players really want is 1.6 right? Well, Valve wants to make everyone happy and is tasking Hidden Path a developer known for making tower defense games and Counter-Strike: Source in crafting a balanced a mix of Source and 1.6. How they’ll get closer to 1.6… I don’t know. But someone on YouTube by the name of (NYAGaming) has taken the time to expose what nuances Counter-Strike 1.6 players expect.

Good on you beta tester. Thanks for being a Good Guy.

“Wins Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta key”

“Makes detailed videos and reports issues known to Valve!”

Wall spamming.

Centered viewing angle.

C4 Bomb exploit/bug.

Credit [NyaGaming]

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