Trine 2 PC/Mac Demo Download Out Now

We’re still working on finishing Trine 2‘s new online co-op campaign as well as the single player experience, but you can give Trine 2 a go yourself since there’s a PC demo out now for download. I’ve discovered so many inventive ways to solve puzzles alone and with friends so far that it’s insane, but the game is not without a few issues.

“We are excited to bring Trine 2 to the Mac App Store so close to the release of the game on Steam,” says Lauri Hyv√§rinen, CEO of Frozenbyte, and continues: “The original Trine has been a great success on the Mac and we look forward to all the feedback for Trine 2!”

The Mac App Store version will be getting and update next week that will fix technical issues, improve lighting on some Macs, and controller customization. Both demos, PC and Mac supports online multiplayer.

For customers who encounter these issues, Frozenbyte can be contacted at

Trine 2 Steam [Download]

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