F2P: Star Trek Online Free Download

Everyone can now play Star Trek Online for free as of Jan. 17th! Provided that you can run it, which should no problemo. Newbies should check out the wonderful STO wiki page whilst diving head first into the thick of things or even ask life time subscriber @Kim_Jay for details on how to rise through the ranks of Starfleet.

Download with Star Trek Online Downloader

Star Trek Online Downloader

After the download is complete, please follow these steps to log into the game and begin playing:

  1. Locate the file downloaded in your download directory, and double-click it.
  2. Complete the installation process to start the Star Trek Online launcher.
  3. When the launcher starts, enter your Username and Password, and click Submit.
  4. Patching should begin automatically. The progress bar displays the percentage of patching completed. When the patching completes, click Engage to start playing!


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