FIX: Xbox 360 Controller MotionJoy Driver Issue On PC

If you are a PC gamer, sometimes a mouse and keyboard can’t cut it. This is mainly the problem with platformers, since they feel better with a controller as opposed to the PC norm. One quick solution was to use a PlayStation 3 controller with the provided USB cable and downloading the MotionJoy drivers. However, this is where the problem lies if you later switch to an Xbox 360 controller.

The other day, while playing LIMBO on the PC, the game would freeze after jumping and I would have to unplug the controller to resolve the issue, just to have it happen again. Luckily, the LIMBO forums on Steam had a solution for this problem. If you have the MotionJoy drivers installed (this is on a Windows 7 PC, so it should be similar menus to get to where you need to go) go to Control Panel > Uninstall a Program, and then find the MotionJoy drivers and delete them.

After this, go to Control Panel > System > Device Manager and find the Xbox 360 controller that you have plugged in and select it. Under the controller, the MotionJoy driver will still show up, so click it and select Uninstall.

With that finished, then you shouldn’t have to worry about the controller freezing games anymore. This issue seemed to be caused by the rumble feature of the controller. If you have any other issues, leave them in the comments, and I’ll see if I have any other solutions.

Sources [MotionJoy] [Steam Forums]

  • Geo Izurieta-Rivarola

    Honestly I hope someone can help me as iI am frustrated with this MotioninJoy software, so I am reading this forum specifically and I realized you mention I have to uninstall MotioninJoy, thats just the problem i have a ps3 dongle blutooth so i can use my ps3 controller and i have uninstalled motioninjoy and my xbox controller works but the flashing of the home button the teh xbox controller doesnt go away plus i need Motioninjoy to use my ps3 controller, i have both different controllers for different games and also when i want to play multilpayer, Honestly i hope anyone has a solution because this thread just specifies to uninstall motion joy, not much of hlep from there on. plus like i said too doesnt resolve the flashing light of death. right now, I fucking hate MotioninJoy.Isnt there an alternative to using a controller, i really really really dislike motioninjoy.

  • Alexander Edbom

    THank you so much,finally an answer that makes sense!

  • cmac613

    I cant see my 360 controller in motioninjoy. Anybody know why this is?

  • TheKrimsonChin


  • Andrew Espejo

    my prayers are answered!